To date, La IDEA has impacted over 3,600 of Puerto Rico’s visitor-facing business and points of interest through free digital marketing training and one-on-one personal support. Through Discover Puerto Rico’s La IDEA program, local businesses have grown their visibility and increased conversions across the world’s largest travel research and planning platforms, including Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook and DiscoverPuertoRico.com.

In less than a year since it launched, La IDEA has been recognized by leading travel organizations such as the US Travel Association, and the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI).

Puerto Rico’s small businesses are the heart of our unique destination and the economic drivers of our communities. By growing digital marketing skills and confidence in our business owners, they become more competitive, successful, and prepared for the future.

How it works

As a business, here’s what to expect:

You’ll receive a free report card of your business’s current online presence across the leading digital discovery platforms – what’s doing well and where there are opportunities for improvement.

A certified Gurú Digital will connect with you for a free one-on-one consultation and help you set up your business across platforms to create a complete and compelling digital presence.

Your Gurú Digital will also provide free training on how you can maximize your exposure and conversion on these channels.

We’re here to help – reach out to your Gurús any time. After a few weeks they will follow up to see how you are doing and provide an updated report card.

When you’ve established a successful digital profile across each channel, you’ll also have access to additional free materials and support in future phases of the program.



La IDEA launched in January 2022. Throughout 2022 the program impacted 3,600 visitor-facing businesses and points of interest by working in collaboration with municipalities across the island through industry workshops and offering one-on-one assistance to local businesses. In 2023, this program will continue with additional industry workshops across the island and more in-depth learn opportunities.

As part of the second phase in 2023, Discover Puerto Rico is creating new assets for Island businesses to showcase on their improved digital profiles and updating outdated Google Street View footage to show millions of consumers the newest and most beautiful parts of Puerto Rico.

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